CBD oil - effects you can expect

Does CBD oil have psychoactive side effects? Absolutely not. However, it guarantees a multidimensional effect that you will certainly appreciate in the case of regular use. In summary, the most important effects you can potentially expect from CBD include:

faster regeneration after exercise;

deeper and healthier sleep;

feeling calmed down;

greater concentration;

increased immunity;

a more positive outlook on life, a better mood.

How much CBD does the body hold?

As mentioned above, cannabidiol affects different people differently. How much CBD remains in the body is also an individual matter. It is assumed to be roughly 2 to 5 days when one dose of hemp oil can make itself felt and affect the cells of the body. The most effective way to maintain the effect is, of course, to use CBD regularly, even in small doses. Always try to pay close attention to your body and its reactions - thanks to which you will know best how long you feel the health-promoting effects of CBD on yourself.

Dosage of CBD oil

There are oils on the market with various concentrations of cannabinol in one drop, from 5% to even 30%. The oil is most effectively absorbed through the oral mucosa, so it is recommended to administer the drops under the tongue with a pipette. However, nothing prevents you from adding CBD to your morning cup of coffee or protein shake after training.

Due to the different endocannabinoid systems of every human being, the intensity and type of action of this substance on the body may differ individually (i.e., to put it bluntly: it will work slightly different for each CBD). Therefore, it is difficult to assume what the appropriate daily dose will be. If you are wondering how to use CBD oil, start with the lowest concentration and gradually increase the supply (the number of drops you take), giving yourself at least a few days to adapt to the new amount. Pay close attention to the body and its reactions. Look for side effects such as diarrhea, stomach pain, or headache.

At the same time, pay attention to the disappearance of ailments that started your adventure with hemp extract. If you still have them after four weeks (for example, you have difficulty falling asleep, you feel anxious, your seizures have not gone away), increase the dose and watch the difference. You can also increase the concentration. After the symptoms have subsided, do not give up supplementation with CBD oil, which will strengthen the body and prevent recurrence of the disease.

It is generally assumed that the optimal prophylactic dose of CBD oil is about 2-3 drops of the product at a concentration of 4% -5% per day. This amount is enough to effectively regulate digestion, calm you down, and improve regeneration after strenuous exercise or a late night.

CBD oil and side effects

Many people equate cannabis with a psychoactive effect - after all, cannabis containing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and illegal in Poland is produced from cannabis. In the case of hemp, however, the matter is clear: it is a plant practically completely devoid of THC, and its cultivation and consumption is perfectly legal.

Properly dosed CBD oil will also not harm your body. Forget about sensational sensations that you may associate with smoking curves. Taking hemp extract orally does not affect awareness, sense perception, feeling and perceiving reality, or maintaining balance. The studies conducted so far show that CBD does not have any negative effects on physiological parameters, including heart rate, body temperature, gastrointestinal transit or food intake.

Publication date: 2022-02-26 21:59:25
Author: regis

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