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The following Privacy Policy sets out rules for saving and accessing data on Users 'Devices using the Website for the purpose of providing electronic services by the Administrator and rules for collecting and processing Users' personal data which were provided by them personally and voluntarily through the tools available on the Website.

The following Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms & Conditions, which sets out the rules, rights and obligations of Users using the Website.

§1 Definitions

§2 Data Protection Officer

Pursuant to Art. 37 of the GDPR, the Administrator has not appointed a Data Protection Officer.

In matters relating to the processing of data, including personal data, please contact the Administrator directly.

§3 Types of Cookies

§4 Data storage security

§5 Purposes for which Cookie files are used

§6 Purposes of personal data processing

Personal data voluntarily provided by Users are processed for one of the following purposes:

Data about Users collected anonymously and automatically are processed for one of the following purposes:

§7 Cookies of external websites

The Administrator on the Website uses javascript scripts and web components of partners who may place their own cookies on the User's Device. Remember that in your browser settings you can decide for yourself about the allowed cookies that can be used by individual websites. Below is a list of partners or their services implemented on the Website that may place cookies:

Services provided by third parties are beyond the Administrator's control. These entities may at any time change their terms of service, privacy policy, the purpose of data processing and the methods of using cookies.

§8 Types of collected data

The website collects data about Users. Some data is collected automatically and anonymously, and some data is personal data provided voluntarily by Users when subscribing to individual services offered by the Website.

Anonymous data collected automatically:

Data collected during registration:

Data collected when subscribing to the Newsletter service

Some data (without identifying data) may be stored in cookies. Some data (without identifying data) may be forwarded to the statistical service provider.

§9 Access to personal data by third parties

As a rule, the only recipient of personal data provided by Users is the Administrator. Data collected as part of the services provided are not transferred or sold to third parties.

Access to data (most often on the basis of the Data Processing Agreement) may be granted to entities responsible for the maintenance of infrastructure and services necessary to run the website, i.e .:

Entrusting the processing of personal data - Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Servers

In order to run the website, the Administrator uses the services of an external hosting provider, VPS or Dedicated Servers - SA . All data collected and processed on the website is stored and processed in the service provider's infrastructure located in Poland. It is possible to access data as a result of service work carried out by the service provider's staff. Access to this data is governed by an agreement concluded between the Administrator and the Service Provider.

§10 Personal data processing method

Personal data provided voluntarily by Users:

Anonymous data (without personal data) collected automatically:

§11 Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The website collects and processes data Users based on:

§12 The period of personal data processing

Personal data provided voluntarily by Users:

As a rule, the indicated personal data is stored only for the period of providing the Service on the Website by the Administrator. They are deleted or anonymized within 30 days from the end of the provision of services (e.g. deletion of a registered user account, unsubscribing from the Newsletter list, etc.)

The exception is the situation that requires securing the legitimate purposes of further processing of this data by the Administrator. In such a situation, the Administrator will store the indicated data, from the time of requesting their removal by the User, no longer than for a period of 3 years in the event of a breach or suspected breach of the provisions of the website regulations by the User.

Anonymous data (no personal data) collected automatically:

Anonymous statistical data, not constituting personal data, are stored by the Administrator in order to keep website statistics for an indefinite period

§13 Users 'rights related to the processing of personal data

The website collects and processes Users' data on the basis of:

§14 Contact to the Administrator

The Administrator can be contacted in one of the following ways

§15 Service Requirements

§16 External links

The Website - articles, posts, entries or comments of Users may contain links to external websites, with which the website owner does not cooperate. These links and the pages or files indicated under them may be dangerous for your Device or pose a threat to the security of your data. The Administrator is not responsible for the content outside the Website.

§17 Changes to the Privacy Policy